About us

SAFWEE is a combination of our two companies bringing together their know-how to offer you solutions adapted to your infrastructures

Digital service provider
and an IT service provider.

Integrator of communication solutions
and expert in the security of both property and people.

Nos engagements

Two companies, two areas of expertise, a common objective, customer satisfaction

We believe it is important to always have an appropriate person that carries out your projects. The association of our two companies allows us to have a very diversified technical team (technicians, engineers, assemblers, cable operators…) offering you the possibility to be better assisted.


10 + 10 years of experience

360° Accompaniment

Véritables spécialistes sur les marché de la téléphonie, de l’informatique et
des nouvelles technologies,
nous nous engageons à fournir les meilleures offres.

Nous vous garantissons également

Une prise en charge sur mesure0%

des solutions adaptées à vos besoins0%

Un interlocuteur unique0%

une facture optimisée et une réponse immédiate.0%


Real specialists in the telephony, IT and new technologies markets, we are committed to providing the best offers.

We also guarantee you

Tailor-made care0%

customized solutions0%

A single interlocutor0%

an optimized invoice and an immediate response.0%

Nos clients
Ils nous font confiance


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